Mandegar Group


Mandegar Group was established in year 2007 with a core business idea in IT and ICT supply and distribution. Today the group is formed by five main company group members (Tejarat Mandegar, Mandegar Guarantee, Mandegar Design, Payon and Mehregan Adonis).

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Managing and organizing supply and distribution channels and unique agile services in IT-ICT industry towards expanding market share, building trust and customer satisfaction.

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Recognised as a reputable company, professional, dedicated and adaptable, benefiting from our people, to providing specialised services with a social conscience, to loyal customers in the country.

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Mandegar respects our colleagues, customers, suppliers, environment and principles of working, and also building constructive relationships between ourselves and our customers is the basis of our success. Good relationships contribute to the best, most productive working environment


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Subset Companies

Mandegar Group of companies forming a complete co-operating system in order to provide professional IT solutions, covering hardware, software, warranty and distribution services all under one roof for total customer satisfaction.

Tejarat Mandegar

A major nationwide IT & ICT provider with 560 representatives. Tejarat Mandegar has got a well organised and strong distribution channel all over Iran IT market......More

Mandegar Guarantee

Providing full technical after-sales services and support of the products and solutions and demonstrating assurance that our services and products will meet or exceed every requirement you have  .....more

Mandegar Design

Developing software solutions for architectural projects and 3D design for engineers and designers. Mandegar Design is sepeific in terms of world- class software design, distinct technical features in a user friendly environment.....More


Product Categories Supplied by Mandegar


superior services relative to other major companies in the market